Here at ZenGolden Health, we offer one of the best payouts for our affiliate partners in the business. Unlike most other businesses that only pay a one-time commission, our subscription business model allows us to pay our affiliate partners an ongoing recurring commission for up to three years for each and every referral!

Why join our team?

Here are three compelling reasons to consider:

Lucrative Partnership

We believe in rewarding our affiliates for their hard work. As a partner, you'll receive ongoing commissions, exclusive discounts, and the opportunity to collaborate on exciting campaigns. Joining our team means unlocking a new revenue stream while aligning with a brand that prioritizes health and wellness.

Every tea club membership sold through your unique referral link or discount code earns you an ongoing stream of commission payments. Get paid generous commissions for every box of ZenGolden Fasting Tea delivered to your referred customers for as long as they stay as our Tea Club members, for up to three years!

Start by signing up to become a ZenGolden Brand Ambassador and earn $12 in commission for every box of tea delivered to your referred customers. After reaching $1,000 in lifetime referral sales, you will be promoted to Brand Partner and get a 25% commission raise to $15 per box!

Quality Product

ZenGolden tea is carefully crafted with a blend of fine Formosa oolong tea leaves known for their health benefits, delicious flavors and fat burning properties. As the ideal drink for intermittent fasting, our tea also contains potent antioxidants known to quell hunger, alleviate metabolic syndromes and boosts autophagy.

In addition to receiving regular deliveries of our amazing tea, our Tea Club members will also receive our online course on Intermittent Fasting Made Safe and quarterly newsletter on health, fitness and longevity. With an emphasis on promoting better long-term health over short-term weight loss, we prioritize the overall well-being of our members!

Proven Results

Our tea is designed to complement our Zen inspired nutrition philosophy of naturalism, moderation, balance and mindfulness - the same philosophy that helped 136 million residents of Hong Kong and Japan enjoy low obesity rates and the longest average lifespans in the world. By partnering with us, you can show your audience a reliable and effective solution to better health and manage weight, building trust in your recommendations.

There are two ways to become our Brand Ambassador:

1. As a ZenGolden Tea Club member: Join our Tea Club and apply to become a Brand Ambassador. All current ZenGolden Tea Club members that apply are automatically approved to become our Brand Ambassadors.

2. As a qualified marketing affiliate: Qualified affiliates with significant social media followings can apply to become our Brand Ambassadors. If approved, the influencer will receive a sample box of our amazing tea and asked to promote it in three social media posts. If the posts are effective, the influencer will be approved to become our Brand Ambassador.