Golden Mind Tea Club 28 Day Challenge

Our founder Sensei Ichego and many others have used ZenGolden Tea and ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie in combination with daily intermittent fasting to transform their health and habits in just 28 days! We challenge you to follow the same five sets of golden rules and gain these life-changing health benefits in just 28 days:

  • Metabolic flexibility: Train your body to burn fat efficiently through daily intermittent fasting and ketosis, keto diet not necessary.
  • Stave off dementia: Improve your brain's ability to burn ketone as alternative fuel may help stave off dementia. 
  • Hunger control: When your body can burn fat efficiently as fuel, you will be able to better control hunger and not let your hunger control you. You can also reduce your appetite.
  • Palate sensitivity: Improve your palate sensitivity and natural food may start tasting better. A sensitive palate would also make it easier to reject
  • Weight loss: Although we have yet to perform large scale scientific tests on our program, anecdotally, every overweight person on this program lost weight with reported weight averaging 11 pounds in 28 days.
  • Healthier eating habits: The program can help you develop healthier eating habits that keep your blood sugar level stable and enhance your metabolism.

Five Sets of Golden Rules for the Next 28 days

When to Eat:

  • Create an 8-hour feeding window every day and do not eat anything in the 16 hours outside of the feeding window. For example, you can skip dinner and eat two meals a day between 7 AM and 3 PM.
  • Do not eat within 3 hours of your bedtime and for at least 1 hour after you wake up
  • Drink ZenGolden Tea after your last meal of the day and whenever you feel hungry
  • Eat 2 meals a day consisting of one regular meal and one meal of ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie.
  • Eat high natural fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit at the start of each meal to slow blood sugar absorption and reduce insulin spike.
  • Starting the weekend of Week 2, do a 36-hour Monk Fast every weekend. Reduce food intake after the Monk Fast to reset your appetite. Continue to do Monk Fast every weekend until you reach your goal weight.

What to Eat:

In addition to its great taste, our ZenGolden Tea can also enhance the flavor, health benefit and texture of fruit smoothies. Loaded with fiber, protein and electrolytes, this great tasting ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie can satisfy your brain’s sugar needs without weight gain or insulin spikes. Each cup is less than 200 calories and 1-2 cups can make you feel full. Click on Recipes tab on top for how-to video.  

ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie Ingredients for 2 Cups:

            1 Medium Apple with Peel

            1 Ripe Banana (replace with ½ Ripe Avocado for Keto Diet)

            1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

            ½ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt, Unsweetened

            1 Cup ZenGolden Iced Brew Tea or Cold Fasting Tea

            Optional: Add an additional small serving of your favorite raw fruit or vegetable


            Place ingredients in blender and blend for 45-90 seconds or until smooth

Eat two meals a day, consisting of ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie as a meal substitute and a normal meal. Emphasize protein and healthy fat during your normal meal.

What Not to Eat:

Avoid foods that contain added sugar, artificial sweetener and/or seed/vegetable oil. Cut back on simple carbs such as bread, pasta and rice. Avoid boxed or bottled fruit juice, because these contain too much sugar and not enough fiber to prevent blood sugar spikes.

How Much to Eat:

  • Drink two cups of ZenGolden Tea Fruit Smoothie each day plus a normal meal. Do not snack on sugary junk food.
  • Stop eating when you are no longer hungry not when you feel full

How to Metabolize:

Follow these three golden rules to boost your metabolism for weight loss.

  • Get at least seven hours of sleep a day. Fat burning occurs during sleep. Without proper sleep, it would be difficult to lose weight.
  • Drink at least four cups of liquids per day to be properly hydrated, including two cups of ZenGolden Tea.
  • Reduce stress by meditation or yoga and drink ZenGolden Tea. Our tea is known to reduce cortisol production, which lowers stress.

How to Burn Fat:

Exercise: Engage in moderate strength training on major muscle groups at least 3 times a week, do not overstress your body. Build muscle tissues because they burn more energy than fat tissues.

Make Life-Changing Transformation in Just 28 Days

That’s it. Because we want you to develop long-term health habits, this is more than just a weight loss challenge - it's about transforming lives, fostering a sense of community, and crafting a happier, healthier YOU!

Just follow these rules and let us know how you do with before and after photos. You can grant us permission to use your photos and story to help inspire others by sending them to If your photo and story is used, we will give you a free box of our amazing tea!

Pave your path to a healthier future in just 28 days with ZenGolden Tea!

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