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Our tea halts Pre-Alzheimer's, suppresses appetite and stops sugar cravings

The Drink Behind the World's Lowest Dementia Incidence

The Drink Behind the World's Lowest Dementia Incidence

You probably have heard about the blue zone regions of
Okinawa and Singapore, known for exceptional longevity and the lowest dementia death rate worldwide - a staggering 98.6% lower than in the U.S.[1] Golden oolong tea serves as their shared defense against dementia. Now you can enjoy the same protection from dementia through our ZenGolden Tea.

Studies found that our tea potentially helps prevent Alzheimer's Disease (AD), which makes up 75% of dementia cases, in 3 ways: 1) polyphenols in our tea clears up plaques and tangles that cause AD[2], 2) our tea helps reduce food intake, which decreases AD risk[3], and 3) our tea's floral flavor cuts sugar cravings, which further lowers AD risk[4].

Dementia is a disease that unfolds over decades. The earlier you start prevention, the more likely you will stave off the disease. If you’re ready to unlock a healthier lifestyle and stave off dementia, look no further than ZenGolden Tea!

* References at page bottom

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How Our Tea Helps Prevent Dementia

Help prevent dementia with one-time purchase for $99, or subscribe for $79 and save! As a Golden Mind Tea Club subscription member, you will: 1) receive regular deliveries of ZenGolden Tea with free shipping, 2) learn safe intermittent fasting for Dr. Dale Bredesen's Alzheimer's prevention protocol with our online course ($59 value), and 3) receive our members-only quarterly newsletter Live Long and Fit. You can cancel subscription at anytime!

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What Exactly is ZenGolden?

ZenGolden Tea is created from Formosa golden oolong grown in Taiwan. Our tea boasts a light floral flavor, helps dementia prevention and the health benefits of green tea without its bitter grassy taste. Studies show our tea contains polyphenols that burn fat, boost autophagy[5]*, and stop plaques and tangles known to cause Alzheimer's [6]. Our tea was made to:

*References at page bottom

Stave Off Alzheimer's

Stave Off Alzheimer's

Rich in EGCG, which halts the development of pre-Alzheimer's by preventing amyloid plaques and tau tangles from aggregating, our tea helps stave off Alzheimer's.

Avoid Jitters

Avoid Jitters

With 60% less caffeine than coffee and loaded with calming L-theanine, a cup of our tea at night will reduce cortisol and relax you without the jitters.

Maximize Protection

Maximize Protection

Packed with nutrients, our tea should be steeped for at least 6 minutes to maximize potential protection against dementia. ZenGolden tastes great with long steeps.



Our tea has polyphenols known to boost autophagy, a cellular recycling mechanism. Research by 2016 Nobel laureate in medicine Yoshinori Ohsumi and others show autophagy may help slow cellular aging[7].

Burn Belly Fat

Burn Belly Fat

Even in Japan, the land of green tea, oolong is known as “fat burning tea.” Research from Tsukuba University shows that certain oolongs like our tea contains antioxidants that burns unhealthy belly fat during sleep[8].

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Thousands of people end up in the hospital every year due to unsafe fasting practices. Don’t be one of them! Our Intermittent Fasting Made Safe online class will teach you whether intermittent fasting is right for you and how to prepare, execute and maximize benefit from your fasts safely. You will learn:

  • How to fast safely to help prevent dementia
  • Is intermittent fasting right for you
  • What are the best time windows for your fast
  • What to drink during your fast
  • What to eat after your fast
  • How long your refeeding time window should be

What Our Members Say

“ZenGolden Tea has really helped me deal with cognitive, hormonal and metabolic health issues as I enter my 50’s. I felt a difference after drinking it for just one week. It calmed my mind as well as improved my memory and concentration.”

- Christy D.

“As a busy working mom, I drink ZenGolden Tea everyday to help me stay mentally and physically fit. It keeps me energized throughout the day. I also love its delicate floral taste!”

- Claire D.

Whether you practice dementia prevention, intermittet fasting, meditation, healthy eating or just want a great tasting drink loaded with health benefits, our tea is for you. Stave off dementia and improve your health by joining Golden Mind Tea Club now!

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We Got Answers

Our product comes in a box containing 90 tea sachets, with each sachet capable of brewing two cups of tea. Consuming 2 cups of ZenGolden Tea daily, equivalent to one sachet, potentially helps basic prevention against dementia. Research indicates that the ideal amount of EGCG for dementia prevention is 150 to 200 mg per day, requiring the consumption of 3 to 4 cups of ZenGolden Tea or two sachets daily. Seniors in blue zones who regularly drink tea typically consume 3 to 4 cups daily. Therefore, for potential basic preventative benefits, opt for the 90-day delivery option, while for potential optimal prevention, choose the 45-day delivery option.
Unlike with Alzheimer’s Disease, there is a lack of comprehensive research on the effects of golden tea antioxidants on less common types of dementia like frontotemporal, Lewy Body, and vascular dementia. Therefore, it is uncertain whether ZenGolden Tea can directly prevent these conditions as it can with Alzheimer's Disease. However, it is known that ZenGolden Tea can assist in reducing inflammation and curbing cravings for sugary processed foods, which are linked to various other types of dementia and chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.
Research has demonstrated that the antioxidants present in ZenGolden Tea are capable of eliminating amyloid beta plaques and tau tangles linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, even without the influence of intermittent fasting or other elements of the Bredesen Protocol. It is worth noting that a most seniors who regularly consume golden oolong tea in Singapore and Okinawa do not adhere to intermittent fasting or the Bredesen Protocol, yet they exhibit sharply lower rates of Alzheimer's compared to seniors in the U.S. Nonetheless, incorporating these Bredesen Protocol and intermittent fasting could potentially further enhance your chances of warding off the disease.
Black tea, lacking EGCG, does not provide direct protection against Alzheimer’s Disease. Moreover, black tea is typically consumed with sugar or sweet foods, which can elevate the risk of Alzheimer’s, contributing to higher rates of the disease in black tea-drinking communities. Although green tea and certain varieties of oolong tea contain EGCG, they often possess a bitter taste that can trigger sugar cravings. Research indicates that societies consuming green tea tend to have a greater prevalence of dementia compared to those drinking golden tea. In our extensive evaluation, we tested over 40 diverse oolong tea varieties to assess flavors and EGCG levels, ultimately selecting ZenGolden for its substantial EGCG content, sugar-free nature, and lack of bitterness. This is why ZenGolden Tea is the premier tea for dementia prevention.
For over 1,500 years, Zen meditators have cultivated special tea like ZenGolden Tea to support their meditation. Drinking ZenGolden Tea before meditation can be beneficial to the practice due to several reasons:

Induces Mental Clarity: ZenGolden Tea contains a psychoactive amino acid known as L-theanine that promotes relaxation without inducing drowsiness and can also help to enhance mental clarity and focus. This makes it easier to enter a meditative state and maintain concentration during meditation.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: L-theanine, which is found in ZenGolden Tea, also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This has a calming effect and can facilitate the deep state of relaxation required for effective meditation.

Improves Cognitive Function: Apart from L-theanine, ZenGolden Tea also contains a moderate amount of caffeine. Together, they work to improve brain function and mood, making it easier to get into "the zone" while meditating.

Antioxidant Properties: Our tea is rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial to overall health. This positive effect on physical health can indirectly support your meditation practice by maintaining wellness and boosting immune response.

Promotes Mindfulness: The act of drinking tea itself can be a mindful practice. The sensory experience—smelling it, holding the warm cup, tasting it—can help ground you in the present moment before beginning your meditation.
ZenGolden Formosa tea leaves are expertly rolled into balls to better preserve nutrients and flavors, so it takes six minutes of steeping in boiled water for the leaves to unfurl, expand and release their light floral flavor. This is why each tea sachet can be infused twice each day without losing flavor and health benefits. If you prefer stronger flavor, you can leave the tea sachet in your cup while you sip it slowly. Unlike most other teas, our tea would will not go bitter even if you leave it steeped in a cup for a long time.
No, you can get your ZenGolden Tea through one-time purchase or Golden Mind Tea Club membership subscription. Drinking our tea consistently will lead to long-lasting visible health results. By signing up for membership subscription, you’ll easily be able to build ZenGolden Tea into your routine and earn all the benefits exclusive to our members which include: special savings, free online class, free newsletter, and much more! If you change your mind, you may cancel your subscription easily from your account at any time.
There are three key differences between ZenGolden Tea and other types of true teas such as green tea and black tea in the marketplace: appearance, aroma/flavor, and health benefits.

1) Appearance: Each ZenGolden Tea sachet contains high quality whole oolong tea leaves expertly rolled into balls as part of their intricate processing methods. One of the joys of steeping a ZenGolden Tea sachet is to see these dark green spheres elegantly unfurl and expand the tea sachet into a pyramid teeming with life energy. No other types of tea bags or sachets in the market place go through these extra steps to shape tea leaves into balls. See video above.
The three reasons why we take the extra steps to expertly shape tea leaves into balls are:
• Control over flavor and aroma: The rolling process helps to break down the cell walls of the tea leaves, which releases the oils from within the leaves and intensifies the resulting flavors and aromas in the tea.
• Oxidation: The tea leaves undergo a process known as oxidation, which directly impacts the end flavor of the tea. Rolling the leaves helps control this process, as the amount of leaf surface exposed to air can influence the extent of oxidation, allowing varying flavors to be created.
• Preservation of freshness: This rolled form helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the tea for a longer period, allowing for optimal flavor when it's eventually steeped.

2) Aroma and Flavor: ZenGolden Tea has a light floral scent, reminiscent of gardenia flowers. As for the flavor, our tea is celebrated for its smoothness. It generally has a soft, velvety texture, and the taste often brings to mind notes of fresh milk. It's light but lingering, with a pleasant aftertaste that hints at mild floral undertones. The subtle flavor of our tea can help enhance the sensitivity of your taste buds, making it easier to quit unhealthy foods laden with added sugar and trans-fat.

3) Health Benefits: As a partially oxidated tea, ZenGolden Tea contains catechins found in green tea, as well as theaflavins and thearubigins found in black tea, combining health benefits of both green and black tea. In addition, ZenGolden Tea contains oolong tea polymerized polyphenols (OTPP), a natural substance extracted from oolong tea leaves, are not found in any other kind of tea. These special polyphenols are formed from the bonding (polymerization) of catechins in the tea leaf fermentation process. Extensive research has shown that OTPP helps reduce belly fat.

The premium appearance, flavor and health benefits of ZenGolden Tea sets it apart from other types of tea.