Why Oolong is the Preferred Fat Burning Tea in Japan, the Land of Green Tea

Why Oolong is the Preferred Fat Burning Tea in Japan, the Land of Green Tea

Why Oolong is the Preferred Fat Burning Tea in Japan, the Land of Green Tea

ZenGolden Fasting Tea Beats Green Tea for Intermittent Fasting Part 2: Why Oolong is the Preferred Fat Burning Tea in Japan, the Land of Green Tea

Make ZenGolden Fasting Tea Your Secret Weapon for Intermittent Fasting and Fat Burning

When it comes to finding the ideal tea for intermittent fasting and fat burning, many people turn to what they know—green tea. The explosion of green tea products has swept across the U.S. Most people also know that green tea is the national tea of Japan, where just about everyone drinks it daily.

But if you were to ask Japanese green tea experts what they would recommend for fat burning, most of them would recommend oolong tea over green tea.

Today, we’re going to explore the differences between oolong tea and green tea and why oolong is the preferred choice for fat burning and intermittent fasting.

Catechins and Taste

Many people drink tea for the catechins. These are naturally occurring phytochemicals that exist in several types of food and plants. Green tea contains catechins that can help protect the body against oxidative stress, guard against cardiovascular diseases and improve metabolism.

Formosa oolong tea from Taiwan also contains catechins and has the same health benefits offered by green tea

The key difference is that the catechins that give green tea its healthful properties also make it taste grassy and bitter. But that is not the case with our ZenGolden Fasting Tea, which is a special blend of Formosa oolong tea especially cultivated for intermittent fasting. Our tea undergoes additional steps of oxidation and roasting that eliminates much of the bitterness in the tea while retaining and even increasing its health benefits.

Fat Burning

Formosa oolong tea is widely known throughout East Asia for its fat burning properties and great taste. But because of its production process, oolong tea is the most diverse category of tea in terms of taste and health effects. While there are specific types of oolong tea that suppress appetite, there are also other types of oolong tea that are known to increase appetite. Growing the ideal oolong cultivar and custom crafting it to generate the desired flavors and health benefits require decades of expertise. 

That is why rare prize-winning Formosa oolong tea is worth its weight in gold and routinely sells for over $10,000 per pound. But Formosa oolong is relatively unknown outside of Asia. Why is Formosa Oolong Tea not better known in North America and Europe?

The main reason is because local demand for Formosa Oolong Tea already far outstrips supply, so no effort is being made to publicize the tea to markets outside of Asia. Unlike oolong tea from Mainland China, which often has environmental pollution concerns, Formosa oolong tea from Taiwan is prized amongst tea connoisseurs throughout Asia for its amazing delicate flavors and health benefits.

Taiwan can’t produce enough Formosa oolong to keep up with demand. The total amount of Formosa oolong produced in tea crazed Taiwan each year is only enough to cover 35% of domestic demand. The remaining 65% of oolong tea consumed in Taiwan are cheap imports from Southeast and Central Asia. In Taipei, a good high elevation Taiwanese Formosa oolong from can command 80 times the price of a similar oolong imported from Thailand.

As a result, only a small percentage of tea drinkers outside of Asia know about and have tried Formosa oolong. In the U.S. tea market, black teas make up 85%, green teas make up 14% and oolong teas make up only less than 0.5% of market share.


Palate Sensitivity Training

Today, oolong tea’s health benefits are almost too numerous to count—but it's especially interesting because of its effects on palate sensitivity. Only specific types of premium oolong tea from Taiwan have the naturally subtle and delicate flavors to achieve this benefit. Most of the oolong tea or tea-like beverages sold at Bubble Tea stores are highly processed and lack these health benefits. 

In today’s society there are so many processed food options that offer convenience and bold flavors. Over time, our taste buds come to expect overly sweet, salty or spicy foods and make natural foods seem bland by comparison. Here is where drinking ZenGolden Fasting Tea can really make a difference in your health journey.

ZenGolden Fasting Tea is made from Formosa oolong tea which provides a host of natural flavor sensations that can actually wake up those sleepy senses.

By replacing processed foods, overly bitter drinks—like coffee or green tea—with ZenGolden, you can retrain your palate to be more sensitive to natural flavors.

Your Fasting Secret Weapon

When fasting, what you drink is crucial. That's why discovering the amazing taste and health benefits of ZenGolden Fasting oolong tea is key. This Formosa oolong tea is renowned for its ability to quell hunger, enliven the senses, and combat stubborn belly fat. Make our tea your secret weapon for successful fat burning and intermittent fasting.

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